1. Stamping die manufacturing mold inserts using WEDM cutting results in high processing costs:
1.1 Stamping die manufacturing mold inserts, the design process can not effectively consider the combined processing technology, the cost of a single piece of small size material is increased by 20 yuan / piece, the current standard of inserting materials is three sides of all sizes <100mm not ordered, nor considered Combination ordering
1.2 After the design is issued, the process considers the mold nesting node, the precision requirements are higher. The special-shaped parts are selected WEDM process cutting, the precision requirement is low, the non-shaped parts are selected by the external fast wire cutting, and the processing cost is high;
1.3 If the task of designing the mold is uneven, resulting in uneven load of WEDM process tasks, and often facing downtime, some of the ordered inserts or the outer quick-feeding blank inserts will adopt the WEDM process cutting method, processing cost. high
At present, the problems faced in the process of improving the cost of stamping sheet metal molds are:
1. One-size-fits-all WEDM process is prohibited to start processing, which is easy to cause WEDM process tasks to be unsaturated, facing downtime and greater losses;
2. The stamping die manufacturing part of the mold has a large difference in the size of the profiled parts. The total processing cost is close to the WEDM process cutting cost, and the cycle is long and has limitations;
3. The simple parts are processed by the internal material sawing machine, and the load of the sawing process cannot be matched.
Therefore, it is considered to calculate the optimal processing plan for different types of parts through processing cost and period.
Stamping sheet metal mold inserts classification:
1. Non-profiled hard material single piece insert 2. Shaped hard material single piece insert 3. Non-aliased type combination insert 4. Shaped type combination insert
Type 1: Non-profiled hard single piece (eg D180052-P02)
Features: 1. The shape is more square, the precision grinding machine can guarantee; 2. The height of the parts is high, it is difficult to combine processing
Conclusion: For non-aliased single-piece parts, it is recommended to design a direct-order soft material post-processing to the WEDM processing after grinding machine shape processing. The demarcation value is WEM process can be processed 2H for segmentation, taking cut one repair as an example, 30- 40mm height parts processing circumference is 160mm, that is, the external grinding machine returns to the factory WEDM process processing circumference is close to 160mm can choose this process, the shortage is recommended to cut the processing.

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