Automotive molds are an important basic process equipment for the automotive industry. In automobile production, more than 90% of the parts need to be molded by the mold, and 60% to 70% of the metal parts need to be plastically formed. Stamping is one of the most basic, most traditional and most important metal processing methods for metal plastic forming. In the development of new models, 90% of the work is carried out around the body, about 60% of the development costs for the body, stamping process and equipment development. About 40% of the cost of vehicle manufacturing is used for body stamping and assembly.
At present, the world's automobile manufacturing industry faces serious challenges from fierce competition in the market. In the development of new energy vehicles, multinational competition is in the ascendant, and the development cycle of new car models has been shortened from 1.5 years to 1 year. And will continue to shorten.
The manufacturing cycle of automotive stamping dies is an important factor affecting the speed of new models. The quality of automotive stamping dies largely determines the appearance and quality of the car itself. Therefore, stamping dies are the key factors determining the success of new car models.
1. Development status of foreign automobile mold industry
Major foreign automobile companies attach great importance to the development of automotive mold design and manufacturing technology. All major automobile companies have their own mold manufacturing plants, which produce molds for key parts of automobiles, especially the molds used for main exterior parts. For example, Japan's Toyota stamping die factory is one of the world's largest and most advanced automotive mold manufacturing plants. Although the mold manufacturing capability of the factory is very strong, it does not produce all the molds required by Toyota. It is mainly responsible for the stamping process of the whole vehicle parts and the coordination of the whole vehicle molds, and the design and manufacture of the main parts of the body parts and components such as the inner and outer covers. The molds of the parts such as the floor and the skeleton are all manufactured externally, and the mold self-made rate is about 60%.
In addition to the automobile manufacturer's mold factory, there are a large number of automotive mold professional companies serving the automotive industry, including well-known originals such as Fuji, Miyazu, American COMAU, etc., in the international automotive mold manufacturing industry. Both have a high status. For example, COMAU Automotive Mould Co., Ltd. has the ability to develop molds for 10 models per year. The molds produced include multi-station transfer molds, multi-position progressive molds (continuous molds), hydroforming molds, metal thermoforming molds and prototype molds. . In order to shorten the design and manufacturing time of the mold and reduce the cost, many of COMAU's mold design and manufacturing work is outsourced to outside companies. As a result, there are many mold design companies and machining companies around it that serve and collaborate to make better use of relevant resources. The delivery time of the company's large cover moulds is 4 to 6 months.

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